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I started my career in music in 2009 when I moved to the city of Murcia from my hometown, Mazarrón, to study for a bachelor's degree in Spanish Language and Literature. Then, after an audition, I was invited to join a professional chamber choir. Since I didn't know how to read sheet music, I learned classic pieces by heart (Brahms, Mozart, Pergolesi...) and movie soundtracks (for example, by Ennio Morricone).

In 2010 I joined the progressive metal band Shadows Theory (Murcia). We played in different parts of Spain and released an EP called Kaleidosphere (2011). During my time in Shadows Theory, I had other parallel projects, such as Spotifuckers, a professional cover band where I expanded my repertoire beyond metal.

My early years as a vocalist were influenced by classical voices. I listened to Epica, After Forever and Nightwish a lot and that led to some classical singing lessons. This classical singing influence can be seen especially in my work with Shadows Theory. However, after being in contact with other styles, I decided that I wanted to take another path and explore more.

In 2014 I moved to the Netherlands in search of new opportunities and there I took jazz and soul singing lessons with Irene Mardi and jazz singing lessons with Deborah J. Carter, which I combined with my main project at the time: the Dutch band of progressive metal Synergy Protocol. With Synergy Protocol I had the opportunity to tour the Netherlands and Belgium. Together we recorded an LP and a video clip. Our performances were very theatrical. We broke up in 2016 after releasing our album "Odd to Get Even".

After a much-needed musical break, I decided it was time to trust myself and my own creations, which had always been kept in the drawer of oblivion. That's how I started working on my first album, "Blue, Where Are You Going?" with producer OKKIO. This EP is a cinematic experience, influenced by styles such as dream pop and 70's rock, combining voices with dreamlike choirs together with analogue synthesizers and a more organic sound from the rest of the instruments.

Past collaborations (oldest to newest):
- Artist: Greyforce. Song: "Chimera." Music style: metal.

- Artist: Achokarlos. Songs: "I am not here" and "Love First, then Ask." Music style: experimental metal.

- Artist: Miguel de Segura. Songs: "Volar" and "Melania's Song" (OST "Soñando con el Final"). Music style: OST, cinema.

- Artist: Last Days of Eden. Song: "Aedea's Daughters." Music style: symphonic metal/folk metal.

- Artist: Glasswork. Songs: "Solitude" and "Metabole." Music style: prog rock/metal.


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