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About me


I am self-taught. All my knowledge comes from experience. But let me tell you more about this experience! Ready?


I started my career in music in 2009 when I moved to the city of Murcia from my hometown, Mazarrón, to study a bachelor in Spanish Language and Literature. In Murcia, I met the soprano Dulce Conejero and the pianist and music teacher Mabel Breis, who after an audition invited me to join their professional chamber choir. Since I could not read music sheets I learned classical pieces (Brahms, Mozart, Pergolesi...) and film soundtracks (for instance, from Ennio Morricone) by heart.


In 2010 I joined the progressive metal band Shadows Theory (Murcia). We played in different parts of Spain and published an EP called Kaleidosphere (2011). Kaleidosphere was one of my first experiences in a professional recording studio. I was only nineteen. In 2012 we recorded two singles: “The Bridge" and “I’m Not Yours”. In 2014 we parted ways and the band dissolved. It was in Shadows Theory where I had the opportunity to learn how it was to be in a band. There I developed my voice considerably. That evolution can be seen in the LP I recorded some years later (2016) with the Dutch metal band Synergy Protocol. In this studio work called Odd to Get Even, I show my heaviest register.


During my period in Shadows Theory I had other side projects, like Spotifuckers, a professional coverband where I expanded my repertoire beyond metal, singing songs from artists like Muse, Adele, Katy Perry (and a long etc) but also from well known Spanish bands. With Spotifuckers I played at weddings and parties. Another side project was something called Didácticos de Historia de la Música, now called Cantera de Rock. This project was also with my bandmates from Shadows Theory and it brought us to Spanish high schools where we played music for young adults while we explained the evolution of rock music to the present time. In 2012 I spent some months in an all-female band called Neftis Legacy.


In 2013 I created, along with different women from the metal and rock scene in Spain, a community in Facebook completely managed by us. The name is  Aedea's Daughters. This community has helped us meeting each other, becoming friends and even collaborating together in one song from the band Last Days of Eden, which has the name of our community, “Aedea’s Daughters”. After some years, I left the community when I decided to delete my Facebook account/page. However, I am still in contact with many of them!


My early singing years were influenced by classical voices. I was listening a lot to Epica, After Forever and Nightwish and that led me to get some classical singing lessons from Susana Vardanyan. This influence of classical singing voice can be really seen in my work with Shadows Theory. However, and after being in contact with other styles during my time in Spotifuckers, I decided I wanted to take on another road and explore other styles. In 2014 I moved to The Netherlands searching for new opportunities and there I took jazz and soul singing lessons from Irene Mardi (Utrecht) and jazz singing lessons from Deborah J. Carter (Amsterdam), which I combined with my main project back then, the Dutch progressive metal band Synergy Protocol. With Synergy Protocol I had the opportunity to perform in The Netherlands and Belgium. Together we recorded an LP and a videoclip. Our performances were not usual: they were a mix of acting and choreography, very theatrical. After releasing our LP, Odd to Get Even, we parted ways in 2016.


At that moment I decided to take a break because my health had taken a toll on me and I needed to recover. Once I recovered, I started a Literature master at Utrecht University in 2018. It lasted a year and since the end of it I have been searching for the best way to come back to music. The global pandemic that we all know has not made things easier, but I am hoping to offer something nice and fresh in 2021. I'm working on it ;)


Throughout my career, I have collaborated with musicians such as Achokarlos (guitarist and composer), Miguel de Segura (soundtracks composer), Greyforce (guitarrist and composer), Last Days of Eden (symphonic metal), Pablo van de Leven (in a project called Laam de Leven) and Glasswork (prog-rock), which has been my last collaboration, in 2020.



  • Sept 2018 - Oct 2018: Acting on Camera. Course taught by Nina van Koppen at Parnassos Cultuurcentrum (Utrecht, The Netherlands).

  • Sept 2018 - Feb 2019: Acting on Stage. Course taught by Alexandra Elroy at Parnassos Cultuurcentrum (Utrecht, The Netherlands).


  • 2011. Miss Terror. Official video clip from the band Cain's Dinasty (Spain). Role: extra.

  • 2016. Puppet on a String. Official video clip from the band Synergy Protocol (The Netherlands). Role: main role.